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Republican For State Senate



June 26th


Fund our Schools & Pay our Teachers

David wants to increase teacher pay, WITHOUT RAISING TAXES, improve academic outcomes, remove dead-weight administrative loss, and increase student/teacher/parent autonomy. How? Stay tuned for live video sessions with David and his team of professional educators. David is working on something truly BIG LEAGUE!

Dambroso will fight for our 2nd Amendment rights and show the RINOs in OKC what “shall not be infringed,” means.

The 2nd Amendment is the cornerstone of our rights, if one is not able to assert their individual liberty, that liberty is tenuous at best.
David believes in EXPANDING the 2nd Amendment, not restricting it! We’ve already lost too many liberties to rights grabbing politicians, judges, and unelected bureaucrats!

Freedom of Speech and Association

Are the preeminent features of a free and productive society, help Dambroso end state encroachments on speech, in part by de-funding anti-speech organizations that your tax dollars go to fund. An essential part of civil liberty is the fundamental right to exist, join us in the abortion abolitionist movement to end the continuation of the wanton murder of 50 million+ children!

Balancing the Budget

is key to the long-term sustainability of our state. Dambroso will lower taxes, increasing national and international investment in Oklahoma as well as tax revenue.
A balanced approach: Ending runaway spending and resource mismanagement is key to fixing our budget crisis. NO NEW TAXES, especially before EVERY dollar spent is accounted for FULLY!

David will ensure that ALL tax increases MUST be delivered to the public as a DIRECT vote referendum, not left up to the oligarchs and RINOs in OKC to decide!

Accountability For YOUR TAX DOLLARS

Dambroso is committed to implementing civilian review boards to aid in the elimination of waste and mismanagement in the Turnpike Authority as well as conducting on-going audits of EVERY state agency, AS A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD FOR ALL TO SEE.

About David Dambroso

A Broken Arrow native that is uniquely qualified to identify and address the issues facing the city and greater District 36 area. David attended K-12 schools in the Broken Arrow School District and graduated BAHS with 2 years college credit due to advanced course selection and subsequent College Board testing, he received the AP Scholar with Distinction designation upon graduation, going on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma Wesleyan University, graduating cum laude. David is a featured conservative commentator on local radio and internationally on social media platforms such as YouTube. He is married with one child: Alexa Marie, to his wife, Kellie whom he met at historic Central Middle School circa 2000.

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How to get involved and Make Oklahoma Great:

Call or text: “Get Involved,” to 918-232-0350 OR Call David Dambroso DIRECTLY at 918-205-2417

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